Not only do our clients want a fabulous wedding, but they do not want to become all consumed by the planning process. We are a very pro-marriage company and, we believe, that a wedding planner is an imperative element in order for couples to enjoy their engagement while preparing for marriage.  We want to take care of all the behind the scenes details so our couples can continue to date & court and become closer during the engagement.  We do not want our clients to become frenzied by the wedding planning process, but to instead enjoy every moment along the way with a stress free attitude.

We love it when our clients are more invested in the marriage than the wedding. While we love weddings, the wedding day starts the grand adventure of life together... when "The Best Is Yet To Come".  Thinking about pre-marital classes or connecting with other couples getting married? There are many wonderful churches throughout the DFW area that offer great classes and counseling. If you need more info, don't hesitate to contact us

Watermark Community Church: Merge Premarital http://www.watermark.org/ministries/merge---premarital/

The Village: http://www.thevillagechurch.net/about/weddings-funerals/

The Minted Artistry bride is one who wants a unique wedding that speaks to her and her fiancé's vision and personality.  Our couples love the classic beauty of what traditional weddings personify, but always with a new twist! Most brides and grooms come in using words to describe what styles of weddings they like; for example: country chic, vintage, contemporary or a myriad of others.  But, what will make their wedding truly their own?  It's all about us peeling back the layers to unveil what the couple's style truly is.  Because, "shabby chic" can look many different ways and we always want it to be singular to the couple's style and vision.  We never want to do the same wedding twice and we always want to push the boundaries of what can be done.

Our clients crave a distinctive event that really allows their guests into a glimpse of who they are.  This means it's all about the details because the personal touches that are infused into a wedding are what guests will remember.  That's why we love creating relationships with our clients so that we can learn these quirks and recognize how we can incorporate them into their special day.